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Go see her gallery! It's got some righteous work!!
Destroid fan art page gallery is up!…
It's been a year since my Clone Trooper got the attention of the masses. I'd just like to say thank you to all those who took a gander, favorited, or commented! <3
The fact that my University does not have stained glass irks me. However, after my 2nd semester I have finally decided my heart and soul are in Fine Arts, and as such, have changed my major accordingly. I am ready.
I haven't had my hands working with stained glass in so long. I miss it so much :( Sorry I haven't made anything new for those that actually read these. I have had 0 opportunity being in college.
Currently I am working on a piece for my schools library, which shouldn't take much time to finish. And I am currently making up plans and a model frame to create a Star Destroyer out of stained glass for pure epicosity and badassness. I can't wait to get started on it ^_______^
How many people will see this, I have no idea. But I just want to put it out there that i thank, and appreciate all the attention my work is getting and by being featured by Hanratty-Stock ( and then reaching DD-status. I never could have imagined my work getting noticed that much. I very much wish I could comment and thank on all the favourites (Over 1000!!!!!!!!!!!) but my fingers would probably fall off! So thank you all again who have seen, will see, and hopefully continue to watch and see what I have, and will do :).
I am currently working on a TARDIS (Doctor Who) for a good friend of mine, found a pattern and just had to make it! I will upload a picture when it's done :)